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Recent Projects

Ron Day has been pleased to work for...

Access Hollywood
Exclusive Features with Halle Berry, Drew Carey, LeAnn Rimes, Britney Spears, Jerry Springer...
American Sports Network/ESPN
Body Building & Fitness Competition & Interviews
American Standard Corp. / Tribe Pictures
High-end marketing video to pitch major retail account.
Barberton Citizens Hospital
Marketing, Medical Information and Resident Recruiting Videos
CAES Development Company / Norton Energy Storage
Marketing Video
Business News Feature Stories
CNN International
Breaking News Story Coverage
C-SPAN / Classic Worldwide
Coverage of Geo. W. Bush Keynote Address 4/2000
C-SPAN / Classic Worldwide
Coverage of V.P. Al Gore Keynote Address 9/2000
Classic Sports / Mid-America Conference
1999 & 2000 Media Day Press Conferences
Cleveland Browns
"Browns Sunday Night," Player Video Portraits for Stadium JumboTron
Cleveland Cavaliers
P.R. Footage
Cleveland Indians
P.R. Footage, ENG Camera
Cleveland Lumberjacks
P.R. Footage
Cleveland Rockers/WNBA
P.R. Footage
Cleveland Clinic / Classic Worldwide
"Back On Track" Award-Winning Primetime Special
Columbus Blue Jackets / NHL
Jumbotron Game Coverage
Crawford Communications
Satellite Media Tour / National Inventors Hall of Fame (Live Up-Link with Dick Clark for morning talk shows in 31 markets)
Dateline NBC
- Research project and feature story involving eleven hidden cameras in five rooms over a four day period.
- Sit-down interview and B-Roll footage for Tom Brokaw special, "Air Traffic Controllers of 9/11."
Discovery Channel
"Behind The Scenes" at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Weekend
Discovery Channel
Interviews and B-Roll for "Live From a Shark Cage" Special 7/99
Discovery News / ABC News / Fairchild Productions
News Magazine Segments
ESPN / Classic Sports
1999 & 2000 NFL Draft Weekends / Cleveland Browns
eXTRA / Classic Worldwide
News Magazine Segment
TLC (The Learning Channel) /Film Garden Productions
"Secret World of Monster Trucks"
FOX News
New York
FOX Sports News (Los Angeles)
1998 A. L. Baseball Playoffs / Cleveland Vs. Boston
FOX Sports Network (New York) / Classic Sports
New Jersey Devils vs. Columbus Blue Jackets ENG Camera
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
National Dealer Meetings
General Motors, Lordstown
Documentary on Inventory Control System
Golf Channel
Senior PGA Championship from Firestone Country Club
(Live Interviews and Press Conference Coverage)
News Magazine Feature
Breaking News Story, Interview and B-Roll
McCann - Hawkins Advertising, Inc.
Print Advertising Copy
MCI WorldCom / Pyramid
Private Live Up-Link w/V.P. Al Gore for Nat’l. Press Convention
Medical Broadcasting Company
Medical Information Videos
Montel Williams Show
Live-to-tape show guest via mock satellite feed.
Mort Crim Communications / J. Walter Thompson Advertising
NBC Sports/Classic Sports
1998 American League Championship Series/Pregame Show
Nestle’ Crunch
NBA All-Star Weekend Coverage
New Dominion Pictures
Reenactment at Cleveland area bomb range
NFL Sunday Ticket
Behind The Scenes Profile with The New Cleveland Browns
Northern Lights
Infomercial studio and location sit-down testimonial interviews.
Paradine Productions/Classic
"...Talking with David Frost"/PBS Interview Series
R.J. Reynolds / Camel / KBA Marketing
2000 Bartender's Ball / Market Positioning Video
Sherwin Williams / On-Screen Producers
National & Regional Dealers’ Meetings - Nashville
TNT Network/TBS Sports
NBA All-Star Saturday Night
TV Food Network
"In Food Today " Cleveland Bicentennial Coverage
Televen - Caracas, VZ
Documentary on Cleveland Indian Omar Vizquel
Tri-Film Productions / Microsoft
New Product Roll-out for Windows 98
Triage Entertainment
2nd Unit Camera for series pilot
TV Tokyo
Feature stories and breaking news coverage.
Walt Disney Company / Soap Center
Sit-Down Interview and Home Tour (with Tanja Walker Davidson from One Life To Live)
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