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We own a complete BetaCam SP Field Production Package, including:
Sony BetaCam SP Camcorder
with Clearscan and shutter control features (ClearScan reduces or eliminates the noticeable flicker on computer monitors with scan rates of a different frequency than standard television cameras.)
Fujinon 16X9.5 Zoom Lens
O'Connor System 1030 Fluid Head and Tripod
with cable spreader and 4-inch dolly wheels
Anton Bauer Digital Pro Pac Battery Bricks
(8-10 hours) and Logic Series Quick Charger
Sony PVM-8044Q AC/DC 8" Color Video Monitor
with NP-1 batteries (8) ,charger and VA-500 Playback Adapter for color playback in the field.
Arri 300/650 Fresnel Combo Kit
with (2) 300 Watt and (2) 650 Watt Fresnel Lights and Stands
Arri Quick Pack Grip Kit
with misc. color correction and effects gels
Lowell Solo Open Face Lighting Kit
with (4) Omni Lights and (2) Tota Lights, scrims, gels, flags and accessories.
Chimera Soft Light Banks (2)
Extra Small and Medium Size Units
Lectrosonic Pro-Mini VHF Wireless Lavalier System
with CR-185 Receiver, M-185 Belt Pack Transmitter and Tram Microphone
Lectrosonic H-185 Hand-Held Microphone Transmitter
comes with AT Hand Mic, or can plug into any XLR microphone.
Audio Technica AT-835 Shotgun Microphone
with foam windscreen, Light-Wave systems zeplin-type mini-screen and high wind cover for mini-screen.
Audio Technica AT-4462 Portable Stereo Audio Mixer with Modu-Comm IFB Decoder
This location broadcast mixer is operated by 9-volt batteries and has six inputs (two mono inputs, which may be panned left or right, two dual-channel stereo inputs), and a stereo limiter and two-channel mono or stereo output.
More Gear...
Additional Audio Packages are included when you book an Audio Field Engineer. The specific package depends upon the engineer available, so contact us early.
Additional tungsten and HMI lighting, grip trucks and grip gear are available locally, as well as (2) Chapman Super PeeWee Camera Dollies, a Panther Dolly, CamMate System, SteadiCam Systems and Matthews Doorway Dolly.
Ron Day Productions • 361 Stratford Road • Fairlawn, Ohio 44333-3865 • Phone: 330.864.2250 • Email:
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